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The FAOsocial Party Cruise to the Bahamas

Imagine a ship-full of like minded people on 1 cruise ship for 1 long weekend party!  The FAOsocial Cruise is a weekend to get-a-way, to escape, to leave it all behind and meet some new and exciting people.  Enjoy the beats of top performing EDM, House Music and Latin House Music DJ's along with other Artist and Entertainers from around the world.  But it's not only about the music, it's much much more, it's about The Experience.  Enjoy the poolside parties, the club party and the the eats and beats in the warm Caribbean waters of the Bahamas.

Check List!

» Pack Your Bikini
Get Ready to...
» Pool Parties
» Private Club Party
» All You Can Eat
» Breakfast
» Lunch
» Dinner
» Free Beverages
» Themed Party
» 48 Hours of FAO Party

*Minimum of 50 Rooms Booked to get use of the Private Club OnBoard.  There will be other Non-FAOsocial guests on the cruise.  So no public display of nudity or sexual activity will be allowed.
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The FAOsocial Meet and Greet Cruise includes Pool Parties, Non-Stop Party Music and the Ocean Breeze Party Room and All You Can Eat....  that will make this an unforgettable experience on board the FAOsocial Cruise to the Bahamas.  THESE RATES ARE FOR FAOsocial MEMBERS ONLY.   Call 800-281-9448 to book and get the FAOsocial special group rates!

                   2 Clubs, a Pool Deck and a Exclusive Sun Deck to Party On!

The 2 story dance club will not only host music events, but we have other special
Las Vegas style parties, entertainment and events planned, because what happens on the FAOsocial Cruise, stays on the FAOsocial Cruise.  Meet other FAOsocial Members.

Join the FAOsocial Party in Ocean Breeze Party Room? The Ocean Breeze  Party Room is a club on the ship, no cameras or cell phones will be allowed in the Party Room.  Several events are already planned for our FRIDAY the 13th Cruise, and one is the very special, very sexy FRIDAY THE 13th party. Wear your Sexiest, Scariest Costume on Friday the 13th.  Remember, no cell phones or cameras allowed.

Decks and Decks and Decks of things to do.  All You Can Eat, drink, dance and be merry on board The FAOsocial Cruise.

If You're Not Ready to Party, Then Don't Watch This Video provided to us by our Sponsor Sex Drive Xtreme.